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Ordinance shall be subject to a referendum as provided pursuant to RCW 84.52.069. Any referendum petition to repeal this ordinance or alter the rate of the tax authorized by this ordinance shall be filed with the City Finance Director or in his or her absence with a Deputy City Clerk. Within ten days, the filing officer shall confer with the petitioner concerning form and style of the petition, issue the petition an identification number, and write a ballot title for the measure that shall be included on the petition. The ballot title shall be posed as a question so that an affirmative answer to the question and an affirmative vote on the measure will result in the tax or tax rate being reduced or repealed. The petitioner shall have thirty days from the date the petition is certified in which to secure the signatures of not less than fifteen percent of the registered voters of the City, as of the last general election in the City, and to file the signed petitions with the City Finance Director or in his absence with a Deputy City Clerk. Each petition form shall contain a ballot title and the full text of the measure to be referred. The City Finance Director or designated representative shall verify the sufficiency of the signatures on the petitions. If sufficient valid signatures are properly submitted, the City Finance Director shall cause the referendum measure to be submitted to the City voters at the next election if one is held within one hundred eight days from the date of filing of the referendum petition, or at a special election to be called for that purpose in accordance with RCW 29.13.020. (Ord. 00-16 §10, 2000).