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To operate under this category:

(1) the club must be a nonprofit entity organized for the express purpose of providing its members with an aircraft, or aircraft, for their personal use and enjoyment. The ownership of the capital equipment must be vested in the name of the club and the property rights of the members shall be equal. No part of the net earnings of the club will inure to the benefit of any member in any form (salaries, bonuses, etc.). The club may not derive greater revenue from the use of its aircraft than the amount necessary for the operations, maintenance, and the replacement of its aircraft.

(2) the club may not offer or conduct charter, air taxi, or rental of aircraft operations. Members of the club may engage a flight instructor of their choice for personal flight instruction on any basis mutually agreeable, provided the flight instructor is acceptable to the club, and complies with all provisions of Section 14.40.120, subsections (2) and (3).

(3) all flying clubs, and their members, are prohibited from leasing or selling any goods or services whatsoever to any person or firm other than a member of such club except that the flying club may sell or exchange its capital equipment.

(4) application for a permit to act as a flying club on the airport shall include a copy of the charter, by-laws, articles of association of the club supporting its existence, a roster or list of members, names of officers, and directors shall be supplied, evidence of public liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars for any one occurrence; evidence that the aircraft are properly certificated and registered in the club.

(5) the club shall abide by and comply with all federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, regulations, and the rules and regulations of the airport authority.

(6) a flying club which violates any of the foregoing regulations or permits one of its members to do so will be required to terminate all operations at the airport.

(7) the club must maintain its aircraft in accordance with applicable FAA regulations. Such maintenance may be done by any properly licensed aircraft mechanic who is acceptable to the club. (Ord. 83-29 §37, 1983; Ord. B-120 §7(G), 1973).