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The funds generated by the District shall be used for transportation improvements that preserve, maintain, and operate the existing transportation infrastructure of the City, consistent with the requirements of Chapter 36.73 RCW. The funds may be utilized for any lawful purpose under the Chapter, but all funds raised through the District shall be expended only for such preservation, maintenance, and operation in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 36.73 RCW as the same exists or is hereafter amended. The funds expended by the District shall preserve, maintain, and operate the City’s previous investments in the transportation infrastructure, reduce the risk of a transportation facility failure, improve safety, continue the cost-effectiveness of the City’s infrastructure investments, and continue the optimal performance of the transportation system. Additional transportation improvement projects may be funded only after compliance with the provisions of RCW 36.73.050(b) following notice, public hearing, and enactment of an authorizing ordinance. (Ord. 23-8 §2, 2023).